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Music: Moss Kiny, a Burundian American young singer to discover!

Musa Bamba also called Moss Kiny or MK is an east African rising star gospel singer, currently living in United States. After his first two songs Urugendo (the journey) and Kijito cha Utakaso (the stream of Jesus blood) , Moss have decided to release a third song  this Monday “ back to you”  that is dedicated to his parents. Imburi Phare takes you to discover this talented young singer, Moss Kiny. Interview. 

Hi Moss Kiny, can you please first present yourself to our visitors who do not know you?

Hi Jerome. My name is Musa Bamba, but my stage name is Moss Kiny. I am 21 years old but in June I will be 22. I currently live in The United States (Texas) but I was born in Congo and raised in Tanzania. Furthermore, I am a Burundian but I represent my East African countries. I studied for audio engineering and I have worked with so many artists here in my city.

How did you come to music? 

I would say that it was a blessing from God. Singing is a habit that I started since I was around 11 and joined a choir. Though, I loved music at the earlier age and I will continue till then.

How many albums/clips have already produced?

I have not released any album yet, I only do singles. I have two videos and I am still shooting the third one and it's coming on the 15th of May this year (2017). About the album, I am still working on it and preparing it. I have so many songs that are waiting for videos and I also have few more on youtube including the recently song, Kijito cha Utakaso (Isoko).

Can you tell us more about your 2 first videos already on market?

Those two music videos I made are messages I am trying to spray out. The first video Urugendo (the journey) it's a video that symbolizes how life is tough and how the world is collapsing and the only comfort to those conflicts is Jesus.

And the second video talks about the stream of the blood of Jesus Christ, and it symbolizes me being a worldly person, showing that it doesn't matter how my appearance is or the image that I am appearing to God with is, but by his blood I was saved and given grace. 

What rhythms do you like?

I love smooth  rhythms, most of the songs I make are soft  and slow. And everyone in my town knows that I love soft music like R&B, country etc. 

Between those two clips, which one do the people like the most?

Between those two clips? I can't tell you which one was liked the most. But I think "Kijito" because is trending well than the other one. 

Do you have another profession than music and, how do you deal with them both?

Yes I do!!, I am a college student studying for a different field than music. However, I went to school for audio engineering. I have my audio engineering papers and I graduated last year in November. Furthermore, I still have one more degree to achieve that's why I am still a student.

 What are the difficulties that  you encounter in music production?

I encounter so many difficulties especially when school starts because I have to work, school, and make music. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed and stressed but it doesn't bother me because I know whatever I do, in the name of Jesus I will succeed. 

Do you work with any other artists or do you have relations with them ?

I don't really work with any other artists but one. I don't have the same taste of music with most of the artists that i know, only few in the African community here can relate to my music and would want work with me. As for relations, I have no problem with any artist, I talk to them, when we meet at a concert we talk, laugh and all that. 

Among american or burundian singers, who inspire you the most?

Among American singers almost all of the Christian singers inspires me especially "we will Not be Shaken" band, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, and Natalie Grant. I have so many inspirational when it comes to music (Shania Twain, Dan+shay etc) when it comes to Burundians or Africans,

I can't choose because I love most of them and listen their songs. So my point is anyone who' making music inspires me. It's just different level of inspirations. 

Your message to our  visitors

First let me thank God for this great opportunity and also thank those whose supporting me, and looking after me in this journey.

As a singer, I am requesting for your help and lifting by reinforcing. Listen to my songs on youTube “Moss Kiny” like my page on facebook (Moss Kiny) even on instagram (@Moss Kin) follow me and I will follow back. Let’s walk together in this voyage!

To you all, “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” (Psalm 20:4).

I wish you all the best in your lives.

Stay tune for more songs from me. Thank you!

Thank you too dear Moss Kiny.!

By Jérôme Bigirimana