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New York: A Rwandan genocide survivor has honorary with a doctorate degree in art of humanities

“I am so thankful to God and to my friends as well as to my Rwandan orphans ministries, that I was selected among many people to receive this Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities I am very pleased to be honoured and to day I am now Dr Mukamabano”, said Dr Mukamabano after achieving this level.

“I thank God for being this success, Almighty not a human being but the Creator, Omnipresent, because only God can provide, guide and show me the ways while many people from my connections cycle or friends networking are still wondering what I am really doing or how am I going to make it. Today, I am a living testimony of the Might Power of God.” She Added

This award was organised by “Great New Beginning Baptist Church in May this year in Brooklyn, New York City after completing the class of Theological Seminary

Dr Marie Claudine Mukamabano realized this accomplishment after a long journey of terrible young age in her past life.

Twelve years ago back in 2005 she established a foundation called “KUKI NDIHO” a humanitarian organisation in order to support, help mission of healing, economically empowering and bring first aid to the vulnerable orphans of 1994 genocide in Rwanda. And now the foundation has expended its doors by bringing people’s attention to the needs of children, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the future.

The time that I spent in Rwanda working for the “Kuki Ndiho Foundation” made me truly appreciate Rwandan culture and the country’s people, who have shown such resilience in the face of the hardships resulting from the genocide of 1994. Rwandese’s people continue to build strength in Rwandan identity, shedding divisions over ethnic tensions.

Before that, my dream was to get a PhD in mathematics because I was really good in it. I was the first young girl in my school to win a scholarship to study Mathematics in the best Catholic school in Rwanda. Thereafter I ended up by dedicating my life to help people to build a brilliant future, which I’m proud of it. Said Dr Marie Claudine Mukamabano.

Dr Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO’s horrible story of losing her father, her mother and best friend at the time she needed them most in her life as a teenage Rwandan girl didn’t destroy her. In fact, the loss of many more members of her family to the genocide of 1994 didn’t stop her mission from surviving and striving in keep moving and pushing forward in life.

As Marie Claudine Mukamabano frequently says “They killed my loved ones but they could not kill my soul. After surviving, her friends used to ask her why she would frequent the Catholic Church when she knew that Tutsi were killed because of their attendance. She used to respond to them saying. I never saw angels come from heaven to kill my people, but I did see Hutu’s kill Tutsi.

Gilbert Cyiza

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