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KWIBUKA 24: Rwandan students at Ningbo University in China pay tribute to the victims of the genocide of 1994 against Tutsi

More than hundreds of young people joined the Rwandan community of Ningbo University in China to remember the victims of the genocide again the Tutsi and learn about their country history.

During this 24th commemoration a minute of silence was held for this occasion. The theme was "Remember-Unite-Renew", in the presence of the student friends, of the Rwandan community of International College of Ningbo University all coming from different countries from around the world.

The President of Rwandan students at Ningbo University, Benjamin Kirenga welcomed all who took part in this activity and recalled in his speech that Rwanda has suffered a lot in the past. For this reason according to him it is important to commemorate, honour the memory of the victims and being in solidarity with the survivors.

"The commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi is a special annual program showing this horrible segment history of our country. In Rwanda people were killed because of the heinous politics of discrimination, divisionism and hatred that led to the genocide against the Tutsi” he said.

During the ceremony included talented young Rwandans who shared message of peace, hope, history and renewal through poems, songs and Guitar. The performance emphasises that young Rwandans still have much to do to rebuild Rwanda which was all but destroyed in the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. The event was especially notable because it was attended by the majority of Rwandan students who were born after the genocide.


“Though we were not born yet during Genocide, this is our time to remember and get to know what happened in the Genocide, fight against its ideology and make our Rwanda a peaceful country” said Munezero Inema, 20 years old, Rwandan student second year in Architecture.

As part of the event, guests lit candles to remember the victims, show support to survivors and as a sign of hope for the future.
The poems presented encouraged young people to share the message of building a united country by reminding them that they have to learn about Rwandan history in order to educate others.

Audrey Akimana, from Burundi, student in 3rd year of Business Administration, participating in this commemoration of "Kwibuka24" as citizens of a nation sharing almost the same story as Rwanda, she returned on the message of hope and unity addressed to the participants.
"We must not limit ourselves to our past, or judge from the past, we must have a look of hope in the time to come, as a positive message from the survivors" she said Burundian Akimana.
"We are delighted that the country has come out of this situation, we want to show this solidarity, we deplore the bad time that survivors have experienced and being able to say that there is happiness time in the future”. She added

 Gilbert Cyiza

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