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Good Samaritan Award, edition 2018: A Rwandan humanitarian activist is expecting to win the Prize in USA

A Rwandan genocide survivor is expecting to be awarded in 3rd Annual Black History, African people Alliance, GOOD SAMARITAN in the event which will be held in Bronx at Fordham University in New York on 24th February this year.

The 2018 receipt is a humanitarian Rwandan humanitarian protagonist Marie Claudine Mukamabano; the founder of non-profit (Why do Exist/Kuki Ndiho) with the main mission is helping children, dedicated to education, financial, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual healing and the wellbeing of Rwandan orphans affected by  genocide & HIV/AIDS.

Ms Mukamabano have done a lot of activities in protection of vulnerable children and human being in general. Recently she published her new book, “THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA, BE YOURSELF & CHANGE SOMEBODY’S LIFE TODAY”.  In 2011 she received also a recognition from the ASSEMBLY OF state of New York for turning a life of hardship into one of leadership and advocacy. In the same year she graduated at the international Trauma studies a program directed by Dr Jack Saul a professor at Columbia University.

“I’m so grateful and thankful to all supporters, volunteers, collaborators, helpers and parterns both local and international for this recognition”. Said Mukamabano

 About Samaritan Award

The Good Samaritan Award was established in 1968 and is awarded annually in USA. The award exemplifies concern for exceptional services done by theirs members through their different organizations. The nominee’s life of service is an outstanding example of following the Gospel message, as manifested by the parable of the Good Samaritan, the nominee’s service has also made a significant impact upon the lives of persons in need (regardless of the type of need)


Country: Rwanda

Name: Marie Claudine Mukamabano
Organization: Why Do I Exist
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Enrique Morones
Border Angels
San Diego, CA

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Sr. Mary Keefe, OP
Nuns Build/St. Bernard Project
Dominican Sisters
Adrian, MI

Fr. Rick Frechette, C.P., D.O.
NPH Haiti
NPH International

Anonymous Good Samaritan

Sister Margaret Rose Smyth, OP
North Fork Spanish Apostolate (NFSA)
Riverhead, NY

By Gilbert Cyiza 

Journal Ukuri n°152


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